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Consistent in Feedback .... scoring 4.75 average out 5  feedback for Session on Personal & Professional Effectiveness conducted in August’2012 .You have earned a feedback rating of 4.8 out of 5. 

Corporate clients feedback - Motherson, Schneider, Hella group, Mumbai University etc.

Some Comments from participants

Varinder Singh, Lead Associate - HR , The Tata Power Company Limited

 Almost instantly one is struck by Anubha's amazing level of warmth and ability to connect with the people. I got a chance to be one of the participants in a workshop. She is service oriented, follows processes, has a keen eye on the details and one of the few people who can be cheerful throughout the day. Anubha is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. She has the ability to handle a high-volume workload with quality. This is what makes her different from others.

Simran Soni, Trainer & Facilitator

 TTT program A MUST ATTEND – one of the few programs which teach you content designing!!!  Anubha is a prolific trainer, mentor and coach. During my association with her as my Mentor for TTT, I found her to be capable of extending subject matter knowledge (knowledge transfer) to her audience, and handling queries and difficult situations with ease.  Anubha can make a person want to be more inquisitive by the sheer perseverance she puts in, which makes one want to ask her more. And that is her biggest strength

Ajay Goyal,  Product Manager, Bosch Packaging Technology 

Anubha is a versatile trainer. She is passionate about her work and compassionate as a person. She treats her trainees with comfort and has been instrumental in designing effective and do-able learning paths for each individual. She is a sincere and committed individual with good people relationship skills. It was a pleasure to be her participant in program  with her in Goa.

 Mamta Dhingra – Trainer -  Coached on TTT 

I can't tell you how i felt as some things can never be expressed in words..each day was a new learning for me. But i tried to put my experience in few lines below.. 

It was a wonderful experience getting trained by you, a fantastic teacher, trainer and a wonderful person. You have supported me as a Mentor, Friend and a well wisher at all time. You had been the most comfortable, patient, flexible and approachable person, an encyclopedia of knowledge, skills, experiences & expertise. Considering that when I approached you, i was raw & you managed to take me to a whole new level by making the course engaging and enjoyable. I can't thank you enough for believing in me, giving your precious time & sharing your knowledge and feedback for my improvement. Hope i will get a chance to work with you again.  

Harjit Takkar, State Head - Punjab and J & K, IndusInd Bank Limited 

Anubha is really very professional trainer who knows how to conduct both soft and product trainings. She would always study the content, purpose and participants before customizing the training program. She is  expert in imparting the soft skills programs

Rajeeb K Tripathy, Manager HR, MIND ( Motherson Sumi)

 Anubha has been consistently good human being of this earth. Actually her positive energy which creates an impact on everything she does. It has been my privilege working with Ms Anubha for many training programs as participants & as a coordinator as well.

As a participant, my inputs for him will be “She is disciplined, methodical, organized and creative. Her ability to connect people, inspire the audience and presentation skills are amazing. I recommend her for behavioral training programs as facilitator & as a coach. Her passion towards sharing knowledge is unbeatable. As a coordinator, I would simple say that she is structured & committed. ROI of her training has been on a higher side of scale. She is persistent, polite, and always professional. She has a tremendous work ethic, incredible passion for the business, a positive attitude, and have earned excellent feedback from participants consistently always. With her relentless pursuit of excellence, motivation and her knowledge of art, Anubha brings wealth of knowledge and skills in any training she conducts.

 Anjali Verma,HR  Executive, Lanco Solar Energy Pvt Ltd. 

Anubha mam is one among my favourite mentors. She can be better described as the one who can bring  insight and energy to the classroom sessions. Gaining hand-full of knowledge from her has been a wonderful experience for me, and am sure for our entire group.

 Pankaj Kumar Rai, Dy. Manager (Construction), Engineers India Ltd.

I don't have words with me to explain the importance of such programme at least for me. I can only say that Training programme was simply excellent and covered aspects which we take for granted and highlight measures of making improvements by proper (SMART goal) planning before execution is in place. As of today with my experience, I can say planning definitely helps is saving my precious time and avoid surprises at later date in my day today routine. Thanks, Anubha Mam for delivering/ facilitating such a excellent, beautiful and structured Training programme for  me. I can only say, As being Trainer/ facilitator you are spreading awareness "Art of Living- Building the team for leading a better lifestyle" among people.

Rekha Singh, Manager HR – Hella India Electronics Private Limited 

Thanks for such a useful, informative and interactive two days training session on "Train the Trainer". Your enthusiasm, energy and passion "to-make-everyone-learn" was contagious. Thanks for making those two days, filled with fun and learning.  Well done session, Great job.

 Excellent, interactive program & we had too much fun while we learnt many things we did not know

games during the session was real learning’s & we could relate it as an individual & when we are in team.

Some more motivational clippings would have been added in such session. We spoke our heart out while having discussion within groups. Many things we did not knew about each other

It was a fantastic training session

Anubha is widely respected for her forthrightness and a never say die attitudes. She is widely regarded amongst peer as someone who has great sensibilities of managing team and extracting exceptional performances from his team members

January 29, 2011 Mr. Raizada, Regional Head Sales, ICICI Bank 
No word is enough to describe her talent, passion, self-driven attitude and entrepreneurship capabilities. Would like to attend more PRISM sessions if given the opportunity. A strange inclination for always raising the bar and reach new heights always drive her from her inside.

November 4, 2010 Nilanjan Basu, Head-BEU, HDFC Bank Ltd
“Prism team are born leader, an excellent communicator and possess a very versatile persona. During my brief interaction with Anubha , I found her work to be in superlative degree right from concept to final output. She does have the detailed knowledge of the subject matter and is a very trustworthy, consistent and reliable mentor. She is very inventive and highly creative, implementing out of box ideas is her forte. !!! ”

November 4, 2010 Mr.Saha, Director Soft skills World
Ruchi consistently demonstrates a strong ability to grasp complex ideas and perspectives and present the same in a simple yet a lucid way. Its been a pleasure to partner with her on various engagements. I wish her the very best for her future assignments.”

November 30, 2009 Mohinish Sinha, President, iDiscoveri Enterprise
Ruchi is a possessor of amazing Communication skills, who articulates her messages/speeches in an exceptionally well organised manner. I got a chance to garner many precious tips on 'Effective Report Writing' from her. The program on 'Effective Report Writing' was so engaging and interesting that we never knew when those 12+ hours went by. This speaks volumes about her commitment towards her task.

I wish her all the best for her endeavors.

August 5, 2011, Sandeep Verma, Chief Manager (Mine Planning & Projects) at S&T Mining
“I had the opportunity to work with Ruchi at a training intervention that we both co facilitated. Almost instantly one is struck by her amazing level of warmth and ability to connect with the participants. Combined with her insightful inputs and varied perspectives, I found her facilitation style very impactful.”

December 15, 201o Aparna Mathur, Executive Coach and consultant, Prerna Centre of Learning

Ms Ruchi is hardworking and focused. She works with enthusiasm and is an excellent team player.

April 2, 2011, Ashis Sen, Dy General Manager - Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd. (HPCL)