Institution & Skills Development Trainings


PRISM Trainings and Consultancy is a knowledge centric organization focused on empowering young generation and enabling them to unlock their true potential. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end learning & development solutions to academic institutes. We at PRISM help you identify the core competencies pivotal to catalyze success in your college and design training intervention specific to your students need. Our Youngster is often unaware of the Life skills and Soft-skills approach which is a key requirement for corporates and becoming true professional. While knowledge and skills will help students become more employable, only an appropriate attitude will help them sustain & maintain their jobs. During our research at various organizations, Prism has observed common challenges in behaviors of the youngster when they on-board. Our process by uplifting the students in personal skills & soft skills, aptitude and technical skills including Quality program i.e. Yellow Belt certification program. We have trained at MDI, KIIT, OEC, IIFB, K R Managalam, IFBI, LPU to name a few.


PRISM’s goals are best reflected in its own philosophy “Prepare India by respecting work”. To sustain the current pace of economic growth and our Prime Minister Vision, and as a part of PRISM mission; to prepare youth, respect all kind of jobs, implement learnings, share growth and maintain standards. PRISM works closely with third party to enhance learning in Life skills, Soft skills and sectors based learning not only through classroom session but also through Elearning.

From our inception in 2011, we have been a people’s organization in every possible way. In our journey of learning, we have reached an important milestone today; where we have talented trainers, facilitators and consultants.

Our Objective in skills development is:

  • To contribute to workforce productivity and social harmony through academic, research, training and extension programs
  • To offer basic, vocational, technical and professional programs
  • To promote career progression
  • To deliver life skills programs