Corporate Trainings

Human Resource is key assets for all organizations and in today’s scenario, we require competent professionals. We work with the professionals through our holistic approach by conducting workshops in Soft-skills, Behavioural and Quality Programs. In today’s age of global, diverse workplace, one management style does not work for all. Attracting, retaining & engaging talent from across age groups proves to be a challenge that calls for specialised skills & knowledge and above all right behaviour. Our facilitators for this domain enable you to overcome this grappling issue by means of a wide- gamut of highly specialized programs. Prism training programs help in attaining the objectives in more innovative and hi-Impact formats by giving an in-depth insight in developing “A New Professional”. Our programs are:

• Assertive Communication • Business Etiquettes • Campus to Corporate • Change Management • Coaching & Mentoring • Communication Skills • Conflict Resolution • Creative Thinking • Total Quality Management • Interviewing Skills • Career Skills • Leadership • Lean Manufacturing • Managerial Training • Motivation • Negotiation Skills • Outbound Training • Performance Appraisal Training • Personality Development • Presentation Skills • Train the Trainers • Emotional Intelligence • First Time Managers • Problem Solving • Lateral Thinking • FiveS • Cross Cultural • Customer Service • Email Writing • Planning & Decision making • Professional effectiveness • Selling Skills • Six sigma • Soft Skills Training • Statistical Process Control • Stress Management • Team Building • Telephone Etiquette • Time Management • Quality tools