PRISM OD - Human Process Intervention & Human Resource Management Intervention focus on helping clients align and optimize their people, process, policy, procedure, processes, culture, and structure with business strategy. We work with senior member COOs, CHROs, CXOs to conduct needs assessments and diagnostic analyses, surface relevant best practices based on PRISM Philosophy, Prepare blueprints, Respect work plans, Implement content, and Share and Maintain initiatives.

To help our clients improve organizational and business performance, PRISM OD team brings deep expertise in Organisation design and Process Redesign; Human Process Intervention Strategy and Quality Operational Excellence.

In present business landscape, enterprise project management tools support teams and drive organizational objectives.

PRISM enterprise project management tools are accessible from any computer, laptop, or mobile device and feature Project portfolio management (PPM) tools, Project planning tools , Document management tools, Change management tools. To elaborate we possess expertise in Consulting, Training, and Support Services across the following domains: PMP Program, Quality Management, CRM, Business Analysis.